CI/CD setup for AEM

This article shows configuring a CI (continuous Integration) system for AEM with

  1. Artifactoy
  2. Jenkins
  3. Git

project setup and git repo

Create a maven project using AEM multi module archetype and push the file to a git repository

Project setup

Jenkins setup

Configure the following in jenkins under Manage Jenkins > Global Tools Configuration and setup a pipeline to build the project
  • JDK
  • Maven
  • Artifactoy

JDK Setup

Project setup

Maven Setup

Project setup

Artifactory Setup

Setup Artifactory under Manage Jenkins > Configuration

Project setup

Setup pipeline

  • Create a new freestyle pipeline

  • Project setup
  • Configure git repo in jenkins project

  • Project setup
  • Configure build settings to build and deploy the project into AEM server given under configurations in POM.xml

  • Project setup
  • Trigger the build manually by clicking build now and viola! once the build succeeds it deploys to the AEM instance

  • Project setup